Windows Defender: Looking stronger and sleeker in Windows 10!

SoftPedia Reports:

“They say Windows 10 needs its very own powerful antivirus solution that would keep users protected once and for all, but it turns out that instead of implementing a different security tool, Microsoft is hard at work to make Windows Defender more effective in the fight against malware.

Windows 10 build 10036 got leaked during the weekend and provided us with a quick glimpse into the feature lineup of the next official release, including what seems to be a revamped antivirus solution.
The new PC settings screen now comes with its very own Windows Defender section that provides access to some new features of the security solution which comes pre-installed on all Windows 10 devices.
Right now, it’s not yet clear whether Redmond is planning to keep all these features in the final version of Windows 10, but given the fact that the new OS is still work in progress, many of these could change before the final go-ahead is given.”
Will the next build have the ability to control Windows Defender via the Setting menu? Stay Tuned!

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