Is 3D the next big thing?

Hey! I just found out something today which may astound you! You can print in 3D for extremely cheap! Well you can at least see what it would look like with this cool new product from Microsoft! Take a look:

Quickly, easily create 3D models

With just two clicks, the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner delivers clean, watertight 3D models in approximately 12 minutes. There’s no design, 3D modeling, or CAD expertise required to get started. The MakerBot Digitizer is intended for experimenters and visionaries who are ready to blaze a trail into 3D creation.

Optimized for 3D printing

Optimized for 3D printing

MakerBot MakerWare for Digitizer is optimized to work seamlessly with MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D printers, but you get standard design files (STL) that can be used on other 3D printers as well.
Remake your world

Remake your world

Use the STL file to improve, shape, mold, twist, animate, and transform objects in a third-party 3D modeling program.
Share your files

Share your files

Send your 3D design files to friends, family, and colleagues, or easily upload them to MakerBot’s, the largest community for sharing 3D designs.
Sophisticated software

Sophisticated software

MakerBot MakerWare for Digitizer contains an algorithm that connects hundreds of thousands of points into a seamless digital mesh in just seconds. There’s no patching, stitching, or repairing required.
Well  now are you a believer in 3D object making on PC?

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