Lumia Denim Update on Lumia 530.

Here’s how you can try out Lumia Denim on your Lumia 530.
1. Get the Windows Insider App and choose to recieve updates from the fast ring.
2. After the updates are installing, uninstall the Windows Insider App.
3. Restart the phone when prompted.

What’s New:
Meet Cortana for Windows Phone

Say hello to Cortana, the most personal digital assistant available. She’s there on your Lumia to help make things easier and keep you up-to-date on the things that matter most to you. Now you can activate her by simply saying, “Hey Cortana.” With the Lumia Denim update, Cortana is now available in more markets than ever. Features and availability are limited to select markets and phones.

Live Folders for a more personal Start screen

Organising your Lumia’s Start screen is now better than ever with Live Folders. Keep your games and apps grouped in a more personal way simply by holding and dragging an app over another app to create a new folder on your fully-customisable Start screen. Rename folders and rearrange tiles within a folder for an even more personalised Start screen experience.

Simply the best in smartphone pictures

For owners of the Lumia 930, Icon, 1520 and 830, your camera features just got even better. Lumia Camera now brings you the fastest and most intuitive photo-taking experience on a smartphone ever, and with better-than-ever quality images and video, whether taken in daylight or low-light conditions.

A feature-full camera experience

Capture multiple shots faster than ever before. With Moment Capture, just long press the camera button for incredible 4K video recording at 24 frames-per-second. Then simply go back to review a high quality version of each individual frame to choose the one that looks best. Enable Rich Capture to experience Dynamic Flash and HDR. And shoot first and adjust your camera settings later for the picture-perfect photo.

An optimised glance screen

For owners of Lumia smartphones with glance screen, you’ll now be able to see more of what’s important to you, even when your phone is locked. In addition to the current time, missed calls and app notifications, your glance screen is now able to show you the local weather from MSN Weather as well as MSN Health & Fitness data.

Faster browsing and much more

Other new features include a smoother and faster browsing experience, VPN support and Apps Corner, the newest and easiest way to keep your personal life and business life organised on your Lumia smartphone.


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