I have just figured out the naming process of Windows 10! IT MAKES SENSE TOO!

Ok! Are you ready for this?

Let’s go over some things first. Ok, since Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we will not see a Windows 11. Therefore, in order to distinguish the difference between “updates” Microsoft needs to coin some names. Apple is already doing this with OSX (Mountain Lion, El Captain,…). But Microsoft will not be using cat names or rankings in the military (those are cool but…). In order to further understand this naming process we need to think of the upcoming update in JANUARY (the January is very important). The update is codenamed “Red Stone”. That is a key to the upcoming naming system. Now here, Minecraft is irrelevant. LOOK PAST MINECRAFT! What is really important is the month and the color.

What is the birth stone for January? GARNET! What color is garnet? RED! Is it a stone? YES!
THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS! We will get Windows 10 “Garnet” in January! And then the next “feature update will be, “Windows 10 Amethyst”!
Make sense? Is it all clicking now? YUP!

Thank’s All,