Windows 10: A new era in personal computing

   With the release of Windows 10 we are starting to see the future of personal computing rolling out in the distance. The future looks bright in terms of security, features, and innovative technologies that will make getting work done faster and more reliable. Windows 10 has a few new features that must be pointed out to the public.
   One of the features, “Windows Hello” is a biometric scanning system that uses your face to login to computers, apps, and in the future websites that will be coming in the years to come. Windows Hello is available on select pc’s now, but will be available on all new pc’s preloaded with Windows 10. With Windows Hello comes the death of the password. Windows Hello will also be available on upcoming Windows Phones.
   Another feature, Microsoft Edge, combines the power of Windows Apps, and the power of the web. This blazing fast new browser is a Windows App. Instead of being cumbersome like Microsoft’s other browser, Internet Explorer, this browser is built to reach speeds of up to 112% faster than Google Chrome.
   A third and final groundbreaking feature in Windows 10 is Cortana. Cortan is the new search in Windows 10. Cortana is so much more than just a simple search engine. Cortana can open apps, send emails, send text messages, search for files, scower the internet for info, and she can even tell you a joke when you are blue. Cortana is a voice commanded super assistant ready to assist you with anything you may want or need.
  All of these features point to a new era of personal computing with Windows. The future of technology can only be dimly seen, but voice assistance, biometric scanning, and lightning quick browsing are now available to Windows 10 users.

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