My Trip to the Microsoft Store in Tysons Corner Mall!

Hello All,
Today I went to the Microsoft Store at Tysons Corner located in Fairfax Virginia. I was blown away at how much merchandise one store could hold! They had almost every Microsoft product available to mankind! Of course I took pictures (and plenty of them). So sit back and enjoy this post. 
NOTE: People’s faces are blacked out because of privacy reasons.

 The front Windows was adorned with a Windows 10 mural! Here is the front.

 On the right side when you first walk in is the Gaming Section. On display was a brand new XBOX One playing 2K15, a basketball game. 

 Here is the back side of the Windows 10 Mural showcasing the new features available to users.

 Here is a Surface Pro 3 with a docking station that connecets to a second display. The display is curved in the fashion of UHD.

 Here is a Surface Pro 3 with a blue keyboard. Note all devices were running Windows 10.

 Here is a smaller laptop (maybe 11 inches) running Windows 10.

 This Lenova Desktop was one of the only laptops without the Windows 10 Hero Desktop. Also notice the beats headphones and the special fit keyboard and mouse. 

 This mouse was actually pretty sweet. It relaxes your hand when you use it. The groove is for your thumb.

 This is the HP STREAM 8 running Windows 10. 

 Here is the same tablet not in tablet mode but with a fully functional desktop format.

 The Lumia 830 is a super sleek phone with a slightly curved at the edge screen. It has an impressive display!

 The Lumia 640! BRAND NEW THIS SUMMER! One thing to note is that it has glance screen.

 The Lumia 640 was rather large. It was larger than my 635.

 Here is the HP Spectre X360. Although this laptop is expensive I don’t really like it that much.

 The HP Spectre runs Windows 10. 

 Here is the Dell XPS 13. The one thing to note about this laptop is the amazing infinity screen. The touchpad was the only downer because it did not support tap-clicking. 

 This display showed Cortana at her best. I was a little bummed that it just says windows phone and not desktop.

 XBOX One: Fifa 15 UT

 This is a picture of me taking a picture of a phone with my phone

 The Lumia 830 was simply stunning!

 Here is a 3d Printer and a 3d Scanner! This display was not working when I was visiting.

 Here are the drones! Fancy Microsoft making drones and robots. Pretty cOOL!

 This Surface Pro 3 really pops! I think this is my new favorite laptop!

 Who needs cable TV when you got XBOX ONE! Here is Sports Center live streaming on the XBOX One.

 Last but not least! The giant Windows 10 touchscreen! This beast runs a full version of Windows 10 and is amazing.

 It was not connected to the internet so I could not bring up the Home Site.

 Here is Outlook Mail running on the Giant PC.

 Amazingly this only has 227GB of RAM!

 Cortana worked pretty sweetly!

 Left Side of Store.

 Middle of Store!

 Customer Service.
Thank You,

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