Microsoft’s Windows Device Recovery Tool has been updated to support the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and Lumia 550.

Windows Device Recovery Tool Updated to Support New Lumias
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“Microsoft’s Windows Device Recovery Tool has been updated to support the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and Lumia 550. This is a must-have addition to any Windows phone user’s toolbox.

Let’s talk basic truths here for a moment.

If you use Windows phone here in late 2015, you’re probably an enthusiast. And as an enthusiast, you’re probably using the Windows Insider program to make sure your Windows phone is kept up-to-date, something that will never happen otherwise. But as you may have experienced—OK, have almost certainly experienced—Insider builds can be a bit buggy. And you will occasionally need to revert to the latest shipping OS version for your handset.

That’s where Microsoft’s excellent Windows Device Recovery Tool comes in.

This utility, which previously went by names like Windows Phone Recovery Tool, Lumia Recovery Tool, and Nokia Recovery Tool, is compatible with most Windows phone handsets, and certainly with most Lumia handsets (which are most Windows phone handsets, but let’s not digress too much). And with today’s update, they are compatible with the latest Lumias, too, as promised last week. That means it works with Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, and Lumia 550 now.

If you already have the Windows Device Recovery Tool, you’ll see an update. If not, you can download it now from Microsoft. With my Lumia 950, I actually see a firmware update, which is pretty unusual—most likely because it’s a press review copy that shipped before the retail units—and sort of the opposite reason one might normally use this tool.


So keep this one around. Eventually, we’ll start getting new Insider builds. And you’ll never know when you’ll need to revert back to the shipping firmware version to recover a borked upgrade.”


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