Those too good to be true offers…

Ever see a program that just sounds too good to be true? It has, SONAR protection, registry cleaning, virus removal, it frees up 50GB of space, makes your PC run like it is brand new, and/or uses advanced features to keep your PC running amazing.

Although the description sounds amazing, 90/100 times these kinds of programs not only steal your data, but also upload documents, passwords, form fill-ins, and even your credit card information, to a server where it can be used to hack your accounts.

Pretty scary right? Most users do not even realize that they have been hacked until too late. User can be tricked into downloading the product by assuring themselves that “the Norton, Mcaffee, Malwarebytes, or Microsoft sticker” was visible on the download page.


Always remember, even if the site appears to be legitimate, most hackers are very good at faking it. The picture above was snipped from a scam download site which sells a product called “RegCurePro.” RegCurePro is a hack job and steals your information by uploading files and passwords to the company’s server.

To maximize your safety, never download from the following company sites:

File Hippo



Dog Pile

Clean My PC


Scam Sherriff

Virus Sherriff




To maximize your safety, only download programs from these sources:

Windows Store



To maximize your safety, we recommend only using these antivirus programs:

Windows Defender

Microsoft Security Essentials

Norton Security

Mcafee Security


Been scammed? Tell us so we can inform the public who the culprit is!



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