Our App gets a new update: Official Roll Out Soon

Grab our latest update to our App!

W10FG News Hub (Windows 10 Installable Package)

W10FG News Hub (Windows 10 Mobile Installable Package)

Don’t know how to deploy? It’s simple!


Install the App on Windows Devices

On Windows devices sideloading requires that you have had deployed the certificate and have a free developer account in Windows Store. We provide a PowerShell script that checks this requirements for you. Once you complete requirements the first time, the next time you install another app, it will only ask for you to complete the sections unique to that app.

Download the installable package and click unlock to ensure the package can be properly installed.

  • Install the App in Windows Devices

Now uncompress the zip file, right-click the Add-AppDevPackage1.ps1 and select “Run with PowerShell”. Then follow the screen instructions as shown in these screenshots.

  • Install the App in Windows Devices
  • Install the App in Windows Devices
  • Install the App in Windows Devices

For Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Click on the Website URL on the Phone (it might ask you to login with your Microsoft Account)
  • Click on ‘Open’. This will download the package.
  • Click on ‘Install’.
  • Hit the ‘Windows’ key on your phone and then search for your app to open it.



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