Windows 10: The Truth

Let’s give you the truth… Many “technology” sites are starting to become critics of Windows 10 and its push to greatness. Although Windows 10 had a bit of a rocky start, thanks largely to the myths that the media put out there, the November Update is stable and is ready for the world. states that, “Windows 10 Home Edition, installed with default settings, has the ability to track and send your hardware details and any subsequent changes you make to them directly to Microsoft. It can also log your internet browser history, keystrokes, Cortana questions and requests, as well as display adverts within your Start Menu.That might sound like a lot, but Microsoft claims this anonymised data will help it fine-tune Windows 10 to its users needs, iron out any troublesome bugs, and streamline the functionality of features like Cortana.
However certain core data collection settings cannot be switched off.” This statement is in fact way off. A user can turn off all so-called “privacy collecting” settings. Also, Apple does the same exact thing with their OS and devices. So why is it a big deal? Because its not apple.
“If you’re running an older version of Windows, you might suddenly find Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade already downloaded on your machine.” this quote from is true but not true. Yes Windows 10 will download to your system automatically; no Windows 10 will not appear out of nowhere. It will only download if you have “download recommended updates” on.”But starting this week, it’s also pushing it out to those who haven’t requested it — and who might not want it. Microsoft isn’t actually installing Windows 10 automatically, but installation is just a click or two away. If you’re not careful, you might suddenly find the new system on your old machine. Is this good for you?” I mean, come on! A few wrong clicks could install it? Listen, don’t accidentally install Windows 10 if you don’t want it. BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU CLICK!
Do you think Windows 10 has been a rocky road? Tell us in the comments!


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