Nadella Confirms Universal Apps are Coming to Xbox One

According to “Microsoft Insider”, a Spanish news website, Satya Nadella has confirmed that Universal Windows Apps are coming to Xbox One.

Here is a roughly translated copy of the blog post:

“Today is taking place in Madrid the dotNet Conference, an event that brought together thousands of developers. As all know, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who has not stopped mentioning the word universality in its Conference has come to the event.

With 10 Microsoft Windows has achieved something unique, it has created a platform that allows developers to create a single application, with a single a single interface and business logic, be present on all devices that have Windows 10.
Last November a great event took place for the users of the console from Microsoft, the arrival of Windows 10. Among the novelties of this upgrade we could find such interesting things as a new interface and the arrival of the backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games.
Nadella confirms that we will soon see in Xbox One universal applications however, many of us made us a question, what’s going on with universal applications? Today, in the dotNet Conference 2016, Satya Nadella has us responded to that question, confirming what was an open secret. Universal applications very soon reach Xbox One.
Unfortunately, the head of Microsoft has not revealed when universal applications will be integrated into the Xbox One shop, although it is very possible that these are incorporated into the next major update of the console, which is expected in summer. Perhaps Let’s doubt tomorrow, in the event of Xbox One.” – Microsoft Insider
When shall we see this new era of UW Apps? Tell us below!

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