Elections and Design: Design takeaways from our candidates

The upcoming election has become a much talked of event. With some amazing candidates in the ring, attention has spiked dramatically. One thing that many people overlooked however is how “design-savvy” each of the candidates is. What has their team come up with in terms of Logo Design and Website Design. Today we look at all the candidates logos and websites. Sit back and enjoy!

hilaryWhether you like Hilary Clinton  or not, you must admit that her trendy, flat designed logo is a work of art. The simple design appeals to the younger generations as well as the older generation. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also easily remembered. Hilary’s design team aims to appeal to the younger class. Her website is designed with bold text elements and a unified color scheme.

marcoMarco Rubio’s logo is simply amazing. The young candidate’s design team incorporates a trendy font and the classic red, white, and blue, with a mini map of the U.S.A. Marco’s design team created the logo with diversity and functionality in mind. The logo can be changed by using different colors and by adding catchy phrases. Marco Rubio’s team have created a minimalist, easy to use site that appeals to all audiences.

kasichJohn Kasich and his team have created the iconic American flag logo. Once again, the logo was created the logo with diversity and functionality in mind. It can be changed by using different colors. John Kasich’s website is simply stunning. It features screen wide images, trendy fonts, and amazing animations. His team uses the dark blue, red, and white as the main color scheme.

bernieOverall, we were a bit disappointed with Bernie Sanders’ logo and website. Although the classic red, white, and blue still is a major  talking point in his design, he fails to truly capture the feeling of his campaign. His website seems amateurish and redirects users to “donation” campaigns and a click through is need to access the home site. Overall, very disappointing.

trumpTrump is a talking point wherever he goes. Its not opinion, its a fact. His logo however needs some help. The Trumpster’s logo looks like it was borrowed off a redneck’s tractor. Hopefully he can clean it up a bit in the upcoming weeks. Donald Trump’s website however, is not unlike his logo. A bit outdated and wonky. Of course, that’s his presidential website, not trump.com 😀


Just a quick note:

In no way are we supporting, endorsing, or encouraging any of the mentioned candidates. We just wanted to take a “broad” look at their design and logos.



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