Lenovo YOGA Home 310

YOGA Home 310 is a creative and convertible device which positions consumer market and aims to extend the desktop scenarios in family while creating a better user experience at the same time. It is an ultra thin and light portable AIO that can be moved anywhere and anytime at home and help you deal with daily light task easily. Thanks to the unique multi-mode design, YOGA Home 310 can do more than traditional PC and tablet. You can hang it on the wall to play a video or just make it stand on the table to show a recipe when cooking in the kitchen. Of course, you can also share photos with your families and play games with your friends using its flat mode. Lenovo?s AURA platform, a unique UI system will function as a multi-media hub and encourages consumer to interact, enjoy and communicate, plus the 17.3 inch big screen will make this experience better than better. The tilt mode will provide you a more comfortable angle for touching and drawing. Perfect voice control is another killer feature of YOGA Home 310. It is equipped with Microsoft’s Cortana which will provide a more natural and efficient interaction way even though in the noisy kitchen.aura-horizon-table-pc



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