Editorial: Why I love CloudMuzik

It’s no secret that Google doesn’t like Microsoft. They are constantly spatting with one another, and neither company will use the other’s services. The result of this is that Google refuses to make any “worthwhile” apps for the Windows Store. Of course they have their Google Search App which is stunning on a desktop but is completely useless on the Windows Phone.

This app “scarcity” of course leads to 3rd party hacks being made. Now don’t get me wrong; not all hacks are bad. Some hacks are actually quite good and can even be sometimes better than the actual source. One of these hacks, CloudMuzik, just so happens to be the best Google Music Platform App of all time.


What makes CloudMuzik so good? In short: the features. The list above shows that CloudMuzik has even more features built in than does Google’s Android App. Although the app is currently a bit “wonky” once the user gets the hang of things, they can have the best experience possible.

Offline Downloading

I have a three month trial of Google Music, courtesy of Songza. With CloudMuzik I was able to download my entire library to my Windows Phone (70-80 songs). Of course if I had more space I would download more.


With CloudMuzik I can create a radio from any track, artist, album, or genre. It’s great!


Recommendations on CloudMuzik fall under the category of “Radio”. These automated playlist are mad based off of what you listen to everyday.

Unlimited Skips

Unlimited skips means you have TOTAL control of what you listen to. No waiting for the next hour to use your six skips.


On CloudMuzik, its all music. Nothing more, nothing less.


We think you will love CloudMuzik for Windows Phone. Tell us what you think in the comments below.