Editorial: What the Techman Team uses

Here at Techman Innovations we take tech very seriously. Of course over the course of tech history, there have been hit devices and there have been miss devices. Let’s take a look at our Techman Team’s favorite “work devices” which we use to edit sites, write blog posts, stay up to date with our customers, and test new stuff.

WP_20160125_15_58_39_ProSurface Pro 3:

Yeah. Our editors use the Surface Pro 3. The new SP4 type cover is a major upgrade from the SP3 type cover. Why have we not upgraded to the SP4? Well, we have some writers who don’t agree with the philosophy of upgrading your device every year or so. If it is not broke, don’t fix it. Honestly, I love my SP3.

336x280_animated_bannerVivaldi Broswer:

WAIT! YOU GUYS USE VIVALDI AND NOT CHROME?! Yessir! Reason is simple. Vivaldi is simply stunning. It is customizable and sleek. It runs great on Windows 10. It plays nicely with all of our platforms for editing websites and blogs. And of course, its boss when it comes to streaming music.


Lumia 635:

The Lumia 635 is a device that gives you amazing mobility at a minimal price. I use this device (currently 🙂 as my daily driver. Of course we found a way to run Windows 10 Mobile on it; bonus feature. The Lumia 635 is great for listening to tunes, checking emails, catching up on Windows news, and using Cortana to organize your day.


Newsflow is not your ordinary RSS reader. This boss creation from MaxN helps our Techman Team stay productive and on top of the latest news. The design is smashing; the capabilities incredible. I would highly recommend this app to a friend.

1032878406HP 19 AIO:

The HP 19 All In One desktop computer is also another piece of great hardware. The desktop boasts some pretty cool specs and runs AMD graphics and processor. step1-appletv-hero-2015Apple TV 3rd Gen:

The Apple TV 3rd Generation is a great streaming box to watch tech events like Build 2016(and it’s good for some other stuff. :D) The device is currently on sale from Apple for $70.00.


And that just about wraps it up folks! What do you think of the devices that we chose to highlight? Anything stand out?


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