We are rolling out our UWP App today!

It’s been awhile since we mentioned our W10FG App, but today is the day we begin our official rollout. The W10FG App puts our blog at your fingertips without even having to open a browser.

Install is easy with Microsoft’s brand new  Windows App Studio Installer.

The Windows App Studio Installer app is currently available in the store for Windows 10 devices. The installation process is now as simple as two mouse clicks.  Behind the scenes, the app checks to see if the necessary certificate is installed, and if it’s not, the app installs it automatically.  If necessary, it will then guide the user through enabling sideloading mode in Windows 10 and open the proper settings page.  Once those things are in place, it installs the appx on the local computer.

Are you ready to start?



Features: View W10FG in a Web App.

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