Editorial: The next device… Phone or no phone?

Will your grandkids be using phones? Will holograms become the new norm? Will Li-Fi become a reality? Will we see a Surface Phone and will it be irrelevant by 2017? All these questions and more are answered in this editorial.

Will your grandkids be using phones?

Honestly, this is a tougher question than it seems. iPhones have only been around since 2007. Since then however , the phone business has taken off. Currently, Google and Android join forces to take around 62.9% of the market share.  Will smartphones remain relevant though? Of course no one can tell for sure, but the stats show that the mobile market probably won’t be going anywhere. Innovations will be introduced such as Artificial Intelligence integration and the refinements in communicating vocally with devices. We have yet to see whether bendable phones could become a trend if Samsung ever decides to release something like this:


Will holograms become the new normal?

Once again, it’s hard to say exactly. One thing is certain however, businesses will use holograms to train employees, develop prototypes, and interact in meetings. Apple does not seem to be worried about Microsoft’s HoloLens.

“Apple and Microsoft’s visions for the future are delightfully different. Apple’s doing what it’s always done while Microsoft is evolving into a more Google-like company.” – The Verge

 Microsoft and Google will continue to harness holograms and in time, someone walking down the street with a holographic desktop in front of them could be a common sight.

“LiFi is a disruptive technology which will shift business models and create opportunities ripe for exploitation. The dominance and lifetime of LED lighting has created a need for new business models in the lighting industry. The need to offer services, including new payment and financing models, creates an unprecedented opportunity for LiFi.” – pureLiFi™

Will the Surface Phone be relevant?

The answer is, yes, if Microsoft stays relevant with features. Continuum, as amazing as it seems, cannot be relevant for another year if it can only be used on the Lumia 650 and Lumia 950 family. Microsoft should have released Continuum with the Surface Phone. By not doing so, they have created a scenario which says that you will be buying the Surface Phone because its a Surface Device. Yeah, anything special about that?


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