App Updates

According to MSPoweruser an underlying bug was making it impossible to receive app updates from Microsoft. MSPoweruser revealed that the issue was indeed a server side issue which is now fixed. If you haven’t check for updates today, check and see what goodies you can download.

Here are the “known” updates that were found by MSPoweruser:

Microsoft has updated a bunch of apps for Windows 10. The company has updated Microsoft Photos, 3D Builder, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Get Office, OneNote, MSN Weather, App Installer, Get Skype (Skype Preview), Films & TV, Windows Alarms & Clock, Xbox, Store Purchase App, Paid WiFi and Mobile, and Mail and Calendar. Since all of these apps have been updated at once, it is unlikely for them to include a lot of new features. We have checked the most important apps such as Mail and Calendar, Skype Preview (aka Get Skype), and Microsoft Photos — however, we weren’t able to find any new features in these apps. The latest updates are most likely for Windows Insiders only. It is also worth noting that this updates may not be new as the Store recently had a bug which prevented users from being able to check for app updates — which means, these updates could be slightly old. – MSPoweruser


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