Microsoft Wallet – A new milestone for Windows Phone


Credit card convenience, without the card

With Microsoft Wallet, you simply tap your phone on a contactless payment terminal, and your default credit or debit card is charged.

Many cards, one app

Store as many credit and debit cards as you want in your Microsoft Wallet so it’s easy to make purchases with the card of your choice. Want to change cards? Switching takes just a tap of your finger.

Room for reward cards, too

Save all of your reward and membership cards—for stores, restaurants, health clubs, libraries, and more—in your Microsoft Wallet. As long as it has a bar code, it can be scanned right from your phone.

No need to share your card

When you pay for purchases, Microsoft Wallet does not share your credit or debit card number with the retailer, reducing the chance of fraud.

Extra security, every time

When you tap to pay, Microsoft Wallet sends a single-use transaction number and an encrypted security code that won’t work for any other purchase, person, or device. This, plus the device PIN you use to unlock your phone makes paying with Microsoft Wallet more secure than using the actual card alone.

Lost phone? No problem

Others can’t pay using your Microsoft Wallet—even if they have your phone—because your card numbers aren’t stored on it and they don’t have your device PIN. Plus, you get extra peace of mind since you can show your lost phone on a map, lock it, or erase it remotely.


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