Surface Pro 3 Firmware Updates

Microsoft is today releasing a new firmware update for the Surface Pro 3. The last update for the Surface Pro 3 was released back in April, in case you’re wondering. The latest update, which is possibly the “July Firmware Update” most likely brings some improvements for the battery life of the device. Recently, a lot of Surface Pro 3 users started reporting about the sudden degradation of the Surface Pro 3’s battery life, which is possibly fixed in the July Firmware Update. Unfortunately though, as the official changelog for the latest firmware update isn’t available yet, we aren’t able to confirm if the issue has been fixed or not.

As per usual, when the changleog is available, we will update this article with more information about the latest firmware update. You can find the Surface Pro 3 Update History page here, which is where Microsoft should release the changelog for the latest firmware shortly. – MSPoweruser