Microsoft Rewards is coming soon!

Like Bing Rewards, you’ll earn points for searching with Bing, but soon you’ll be able to earn in more ways (and faster!) when you browse the web with Microsoft Edge and shop at the Windows and Microsoft stores—just make sure to stay signed in with your Microsoft account.*
Your Bing Rewards membership will automatically update in the next few weeks—the only thing you need to do is learn about what’s coming.
*If you have multiple Microsoft accounts, you must be signed in with the same account associated with your Microsoft Rewards membership to earn points.
Bing Rewards credits will become Microsoft Rewards points. Points work exactly like credits, but 1 Bing Rewards credit is worth 10 Microsoft Rewards points We’ll automatically multiply your credit balance by 10x the current value. So let’s say you have 700 Bing
Rewards credits—you’ll have 7,000 Microsoft Rewards points.
Similarly, your earning for Bing searches, as well as redemptions, will adjust to reflect the conversion.
Microsoft Rewards has two member tiers: Level 1 and Level 2.
Level 2 members can earn more points on Bing, save up to 10% on rewards from Microsoft brands, and get access to exclusive offers.
Existing Bing Rewards members get a free boost to Level 2 through October 31, 2016. After that, keeping Level 2 status is a cinch—just collect 500 points each month.
Whether you’re grabbing a new game from the Windows Store or buying a new laptop from the Microsoft Store, you’ll be earning points when you shop with Microsoft.
Just stay signed in with your Microsoft account and you’ll earn with purchases.
Earn points for reading the latest headlines, catching up with friends on social media, or even watching cat videos when you use Microsoft Edge, the browser built for Windows 10. What could be easier?

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