IOT Release Preview Build 15002

Here’s what’s new:


  • Cortana is now enabled

Management and security

  • Visual improvements to the Winodws Devices Portal
  • The Windows Device Portal now has a quick run portal for IoT samples
  • Universal Write Filter has been added as an option to the Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer


  • Changes to the IoTShell to allow waiting for PPKG provisioned package installation to complete
  • Improved GPIO Interrupt Buffer API
  • Adds blockrebooton/blockrebootoff flags to Applyupdate.exe

Device specific improvements

  • Changed to the GUID of the UEFI file system volume on Dragonboard devices
  • The Dragonboard BSD has been updated to build 2110

Fixed issues

  • Fixes issues with Cortana when listening
  • Fixes an issue with the Class Extensions for Hardware Notification and USB Function to make them part of default IoT Core images
  • Fixes an issue with the power state API to ensure the wakup timer is cancelled when exiting from connected standby
  • Fixes issues with the Bluetooth LE stack when calling GattDeviceService.GetCharacteristics
  • Fixes issues with NanoRDP connecting

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